Top 10 Posts of 2015

Val Curtis

As we have shared more content over the years, some old favorites come back to the top, but since you have already seen those, we wanted to focus on the NEW content shared in the rooms of BonBon Break.

Honestly, it breaks my heart to “pick” posts because each and every post on here is chosen out of thousands of submissions and suggestions. Each and every post on BonBon Break is handpicked for you.

So, without further ado, we bring you…

BONBON BREAK’s  Top 10 NEW Posts of 2015

1. A Letter to My Children About Fifty Shades of Grey by Michelle Lewsen of They Call Me Mummy
2. Nails, Mascara and Other Reasons I Won’t Unfriend You on Facebook by Laura O’Rourke of Mommy Miracles and (BonBon Break!)
3. Why Your Child’s Teacher is Asking for 45 Glue Sticks by Nicole of Moments that Define Life
4. 10 Sleep-Inducing Activities for Easier Bedtimes by Aradhana Pandey
5. Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Tomatoes by Jeanne of Gardening Jones
6. How to Stop Back Talk! by Ariadne Brill of Positive Parenting Connection
7. Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade by Jessie Johnson of Life As A Strawberry
8. 5 Reasons to Keep a Sharpie in Your Purse by Suzanne Cowden of Flour Arrangements (and BonBon Break!)
9. 20 Top Boots for Fall by Val Curtis of BonBon Break
10.  Why Moms Are Overwhelmed But Won’t Ask For Help by Melinda Means of Mothering from Scratch


While on the topic of our editors, I am ETERNALLY grateful for each and everyone. In addition to finding, vetting, and editing content this year, they contributed their beautiful voices with fantastic pieces to BonBon Break through the year. Check out the content from ALISON, SUZANNE, AMELIA, CERYS and KEESHA‘s…OK, and I wrote a few things as well.

I cannot forget Val R. and Tracy. I adore you two!

We loved hearing so many of our contributors on BonBon Break LIVE this year. Jump in and listen to a few!

…and we can’t forget about the food. Yes, I am putting our fabulous recipes in their own category because Suzanne did such an AMAZING job of rounding up mouthwatering recipes and fantastic cocktails over 2015. Take a peek at the Top 10.


Top Recipes of 2015

  1. Easy Gluten Free Pancake Recipe by Val Curtis of BonBon Break
  2. Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade by Jessie Johnson of Life As A Strawberry
  3. 50 + Fall Soup Recipes to Warm Your Soul by Suzanne Cowden of Flour Arrangements (and BonBon Break!)
  4. 50+ Perfect Holiday Pie Recipes by Suzanne Cowden of Flour Arrangements (and BonBon Break!)
  5. Funnel Cakes by Lisa of The Cooking Bride
  6. Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Bake by Tara Noland of Noshing with the Nolands
  7. Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower Gratin by Faith Gorsky of An Edible Mosaic
  8. 150+ Christmas Cookie Recipes by Val Curtis of BonBon Break
  9. Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup by Gina Holmolka of SkinnyTaste
  10. Savory Pumpkin Rolls by Suzanne Cowden of Flour Arrangements (and BonBon Break!)

Plus 2 of our FAVE cocktails:

Espresso Vodka Martini by Julie and Debbie from Cooks with Cocktails
Raspberry Moscow Mule by Maya Dutta-Linn of Treats and Eats


A couple of thank you’s before I let you go. A HUGE thank you to OurPact for sponsoring THREE of our themes this year: Fill Your Bucket, Inspire, and Connect. We were so thrilled to partner with WaterAid America this year. There couldn’t be a nobler cause and a kinder group of people behind-the-scenes. Thank you to them for sponsoring Giving.

A special thank you to our two dudes behind-the-scenes, Greg and Chad. Without Greg, we wouldn’t have a single podcast and so much more – no popcorn here Greg, I am trying to be concise. Aren’t you proud? And Chad – Chad, Chad, Chad — you all haven’t seen what he is bringing to the table yet, but there are GREAT things ahead that we have been hashing out since Spring. YES, Spring.

To our readers and contributors, your kind words and supportive comments have buoyed us throughout the year. YOU are why we created BonBon Break, and you are why we continue to love this job. You are the ones who let all the mamas know they are NOT alone. Thank you.

Best wishes for the New Year ,and I will leave you with this meme, because I just love my memes.


Val Curtis