Savory Pumpkin Rolls


I wish I could say that I came up with these pumpkin rolls on my own. The idea never occurred to me, but my eight-year-old daughter glanced at the Kaiser rolls I was making the other day and asked how I was going to add stems. Stems? My brain focused on making hamburger buns as it was, took a moment to process her question. I quickly realized, though, that the girl was on to something. Fortunately, she likes these rolls, which include pumpkin puree and savory spices, just as much as the Kaiser rolls that inspired them.

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These pumpkin dinner rolls are perfect for a Halloween party or at your Thanksgiving dinner table. With a pinch of saffron, these savory rolls are perfect for any Fall dinner.

This spiced pumpkin dinner roll recipe will be a hit at your Thanksgiving, Halloween or Fall dinner table or party. If you need to eat bread, make it fancy!