Can You See the Worms in My Huggies Wipes?

Gemma Dunn-Pratt

Of course not, because there’s nothing there.


So, I have noticed the newest thing all over Facebook is apparently worms in their wipes (first it was glass, but now people are moseying back to this one from awhile back) — so a few people got a bad box or package of wipes. It happens. In my opinion, you should always be careful and watch what you use on your child. It is an easy matter of check it, see something odd, chuck it and on to the next one. Certain people are blowing this waaaaaay out of proportion. This is to them…

#1: Because some people got worms in their wipes does not mean it is the manufacturer’s fault. The worms could have gained access during shipping, or in the store that the boxes were sitting in for who knows how long. We bought diapers once that were moldy. Turns out the box got wet at some point and had been sitting on the shelf in the store so long that it grew mold. It was NOT the manufacturer’s fault.

#2: Parasites and worms are everywhere.  It would be incredibly difficult for a large company to spot microscopic eggs in one or two batches of their wipes. Not to mention, they would have to do crazy stuff to the wipes to keep them from ever possibly having anything in them, and people would then start flipping out over the chemicals or who ha that they used to do that! We share our world with a number of microscopic living things, and sometimes their not microscopic; weevils in our flour or rice, worms in our wipes, sometimes it’s just unavoidable.

#3: If you’re really that paranoid about it, then there are plenty of ways to make your own wipes at home. But PLEASE stop creating drama and blowing things out of proportion and trying to shut down a company, or scare every other parent out there using store bought wipes to freak out. It’s unnecessary.

#4: If you or another parent are concerned, it’s just as easy as checking your wipes and then being done with it.

We’ve become so spoiled in this day and age to think we shouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this now and then. I’m not saying that company’s aren’t to blame, there are multiple cases much more serious (glass in food and such) where it’s been proven to be a company’s fault.

The reality is bugs are everywhere, they are unavoidable.  We share the planet with them and they have been here much longer than we have. If they want to find an unpleasant way to pop into our lives and surprise us once in awhile, they will — just saying.

Plus, we have toddlers, right?!  They’re in the dirt, around other children, animals, and people all day. They’re going to get worms, or lice, or something at some point in their lives. It’s unavoidable — unless we all start living in bubbles. (And let’s face it the bugs will find ways in there, too!)

Let me make myself clear on one point.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with alerting friends and community when you find something odd in a product. I am directing this conversation to the people who fear monger and say, “Never use this product again!” “Anyone using this product you’re putting your child’s life at risk!” “You’re horrible stop it now!” “Boycott them, the company should be ashamed, they’re harming our children!” “Blah blah blah!”

Those are the people who drive me crazy, and whom I am ranting about, not the gentle people who are just like, “Hey, just wanted y’all to know we found this in our package of noodles. Check yours just in case. Have great day!”

I’m also not saying you shouldn’t do the aforementioned crazy response if there is something actually very dangerous discovered, but there are times it is appropriate and times where it’s just not necessary. Check your alarm rate and proceed accordingly.

I need to go change a diaper…and yes, I will check before I wipe.

END rant </RANT>

EDITOR’S NOTE: There has been HUGE Facebook conversation around glass shards in wipes as well. Calm down folks. Here is Huggie’s response.

In the comments, it states that these “shiny particles” are normal and they are not glass or fiberglass. Huggie’s is working with the parents who had the original claim to determine what is going on with their wipes.



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