6 Tips to Help with Isolation During Shelter in Place

Val Curtis

We’ve been asked to Stay in Place. We’ve been asked to help our kids to get through the school day. We’ve been asked to work from home. Are you feeling the need to throw on your cape? I know I am, but I am fighting it, too. Today a friend shared a few tips and I have added a couple I am using to Help with Isolation during Shelter in Place and we are going to give them a try – daily.

6 Tips to Help with Isolation During Shelter in Place

1. Stick to a Schedule ⏰

We are waking up at the same time every day and doing our usual morning routine. This morning, my daughter asked, “Can you do my hair for school?” It almost brought me to my knees, but YES, I can do your hair for school.

I am SO grateful to the teachers who are providing structure for my kids’ days right now. TRULY grateful.

We are all in bed at our normal bed time, too. Sleep for sanity is how I am thinking about it right now. I think a full night’s sleep is the best self-care I can do.

2. Get Outside 🌳

This is a good one. It is amazing how beneficial just going outside is for me. This does not mean you should head to the spot where 100 other people are choosing to go. It can be a walk around the block. Knock on a neighbor’s windows and wave and blow a kiss. We did this outside my dad’s house the other day and we need to do it again. It just FEELS good.

3. Do Something Creative 🧶 🎨🕺🏼

Find a creative outlet. Hint: Words with Friends or Facebook do not count. 🤣 Turn up the music and dance or sing (Mama’s Morning Groove Playlist). Start a project (OMG, look at this puppy knitting kit!) Knitting, painting, dancing in your kitchen, drawing, coloring, play-doh, even make something with your egg cartons! Hangout with Mo Willems and learn how to draw. So cool.

By the way, you don’t have to do ALL OF THESE THINGS. One is fine. In our house, I am knitting and working in my garden. The kids are jumping on “Just Dance” daily. My daughter is knitting and my son is on his keyboard. LEGOS are out and all over. See where your family members gravitate during this unstructured time. It is nice to have the time space to do this.

4. Laugh 🤣🤣🤣

It’s ok to laugh right now. Lately, I have found myself letting go of my normal routine of pushing through to the next task / responsibility and finding the funny in things. (Apologies to our office neighbor downstairs who had to endure our jumps into the new bean bag – slo mo video is hysterical!🤣) Being silly with my kids is the antidote to just about everything.

Our moment of belly aching laughter came when my daughter found a Strawberry Shortcake pajama shirt with frills on the bottom from when she was 5. Everyone in the family proceeded to try it on. This might sound ridiculous to you, but it had us crying. 🤣

5. Do Something You Don’t Want to Do 🤪

THIS! Ok, we could do Easy Street and stay in our pajamas for ?? straight days, but I know this isn’t really good for my brain. Monday- Friday I am getting dressed (I am always in whatever is nearby on the weekends).

That something you are struggling to do might be taking a shower, cleaning out a pantry, doing some yoga or meditation, or getting your garden ready. Do it. You will be grateful you did. ❤️

6. Move 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️ 💃🏻 ⚽️ 🧘🏿‍♀️

This sounds so simple, but it is REALLY easy to stay in one place and get fixed to your screen right now. Moving with my kids and can EASILY roll into the numbers listed above. 🦜🦜 with one stone.

After feeling pretty tense a couple of days ago, I grabbed my daughter and went for a 20 minute stroll- through the parking lot, down the street, back up the street and twice more through the parking lot. It cleared my head, we laughed, talked and connected.

Something I am attempting to do right now is to only look at the news once a day. Not first thing in the morning and not before I go to bed. It doesn’t set me up for good thoughts either way.

Finally, alongside the news, I am being VERY mindful about what I am watching on TV. Adios drama, I need something lighter right now.

While scrolling through Netflix, I almost clicked through on “Pandemic”. Nope. I do NOT need to do that to myself right now. I am working hard to protect my thoughts because…


Be kind to yourself.

Fight to stay present.

Protect your thoughts.

You’ve got this.


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