The Brow Crease by JC Little – The Animated Woman

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The Brow Crease by The Animated Woman

Kick, kick, kick.

Every time I lay supine the baby growing inside me would wake up. I rolled onto my side and put my hand where I imagined her feet to be. One more month and I would be holding this new little person in my arms.
First babies are game changers. There’s a dawning realization that you must now care for another being completely. Eight months into my pregnancy, I looked in the mirror and I noticed something that wasn’t there before.It was…a line.

: Happily married with three kids. I’m a director. I make TV and short films and stuff. I blog a slice of life; family, social media satire, and causes. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s poignant, and hopefully mostly meaningful*. I feel it when I draw it. If you could see me drawing, you’d be like, wow, she really feels it; look at all the weird faces she’s making.
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