50+ Fun Summer Activities

Val Curtis

As June is rapidly approaching, it is time to think about all of the fun summer activities that are around the bend! We have rounded-up over 50 fun summer activities that our contributors have created over the years. What are YOUR favorite summer activities to do with your family?

  1. Go tidepooling – find out when low tide is happening
  2. Build a sandcastle
  3. Have a picnic lunch in the yard – try these for a fun snack
  4. Visit a National Park
  5. Have ice cream for dinner
  6. Run through the sprinklers
  7. Go to an outdoor concert
  8. Watch a movie outside
  9. Harvest blackberries for a pie
  10. Make freezer jam
  11. Sleep outside and watch the stars – meteor shower schedule
  12. Make daisy chains
  13. Go to the park after dinner
  14. Paint a garden sign
  15. Create garden markers
  16. Make a fairy garden
  17. Plant a butterfly garden
  18. Catch a crab or some shrimp for dinner
  19. Pedicures
  20. Build a bat house
  21. BBQ at the beach
  22. Bonfire with friends
  23. Hike to find the Lorax
  24. Hike to find fairies
  25. Go to the zoo
  26. Create a new zucchini recipe
  27. Explore nature at night
  28. Face painting
  29. Dance party in the yard
  30. Make pizza
  31. Go to a baseball game
  32. Go camping
  33. Go swimming
  34. Go sailing
  35. Go fishing – or pretend!
  36. Go birdwatching
  37. Look for cloud animals
  38. Make popsicles
  39. Make granola bars
  40. Wash the cars
  41. Go on a road trip – snack ideas here
  42. Make bird feeders and bird food
  43. Go on a biking scavenger hunt
  44. Sell lemonade
  45. Pretend to be super heroes
  46. Blow bubbles — make your own bubble solution
  47. Fly a kite
  48. Create a cardboard super structure
  49. Watch local wildlife (orcas in our case!)
  50. Create a summer mural with sidewalk chalk
  51. Roast marshmallows – make s’more cones
  52. Go on a photo scavenger hunt
  53. Make a special dessert and deliver it to a friend
  54. Go for late night ice cream cones
  55. Make ice cream


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PIN IT FOR LATER:50 Fun Summer ActivitiesPhoto Credit: iStockphoto Graphic by: Val Curtis