Sweet Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream by Vintage Kitchen Notes



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Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream by Vintage Kitchen Notes

My mother visits me from time to time. She doesn´t live in Buenos Aires, so she stays at my place a lot when she’s in town, and of course our personalities are put to the test, to say the least, though mine much more than hers. She has, like most mothers, a visceral endurance when it comes to her children’s quirks/obsessions/intolerances/lack of patience/dubious humor/crappy awakenings. So I’m learning to just let go of the little things, as much as my genetic coding allows. I will get to the sweet blackberry cheesecake ice cream recipe, don’t worry. I made it especially for her.
I love homemade ice cream and this one looks and sounds out of this world~Tara



PaulaABOUT  PAULA: I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My name is Paula and I own  sold a very small cafe that is was both a joy and a lot of work! My other job is in the decoration business. Handmade textiles. I feel like I arrived late to the party. You see, I discovered this whole world of food blogging a year two years ago. Whatever it was that I was looking for opened a new window, and another, and another… the amount of recipes, anecdotes, great photography was life changing. Now I could clearly see a few things: first of all, I wasn’t the only person out there with never ending piles of magazines and cookbooks. That was really a relief. Second, I finally understood what all this technological progress could do for me. So I decided to be part of this and started this blog thinking about all the food-related things I want to share. I write it in english though my first language is Spanish. Probably because it will reach many more persons around the world. I also have a Spanish cooking blog, this one, but it doesn’t get that much attention from me. I give credit to all the sources I use for recipes and if I omit something by accident, please let me know.

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