3 Ingredient Homemade Samoas by The Diva Dish

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3 Ingredient Homemade Samoas

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3 Ingredient Homemade Samoas by The Diva Dish

We’ve all been there…Just trying to do our weekly grocery shopping, or run a few short errands when suddenly…they get us. Those sweet and innocent girl scouts enticing us with their ever so deliciously addicting cookies. Deep down inside we could easily rip open a box of Thin Mints and shove an entire sleeve into our growling bellies. But then we remember it’s swimsuit season, and we do our best to walk away.

But what if it was easy to walk away from those addicting little cookies because you knew you could make a similar tasting girl scout cookie, your favorite Somoas Cookies, right in the comfort of your kitchen.  A homemade Somoa Cookie, chewy, coconuty, and HEALTHY! No bathing bodies will be ruined in the making of these cookies…

bio picABOUT ARIELLE: I’m a wife and mama to a beautiful family! We are a bit dramatic and live life without any dull moments. If I could, I would wear tutus in the kitchen as I prepare my family healthy, wholesome, and natural meals. I whole-heartedly believe our bodies are temples and we should treat them that way. Come join us and live a healthy lifestyle…With a touch of SASS!  Follow Arielle on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest




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