Kitchen September 17 2012

BonBon Break

How to Stock Your Pantry with All Natural Foods

~:: Our Family Eats ::~

Two and a half years ago my daughter was struggling with ADHD symptoms.  I decided to cut out all the artificial ingredients from her diet to see if it would make a difference.  Within 24 hours her symptoms remarkably improved and we’ve never looked back.  So what do we eat now?  Here’s a list of all the things in my pantry on any given day.






ABOUT SUSAN: Susan Schuman is the creator of the blog Our Family Eats, where she shares easy, family friendly recipes using all natural ingredients.  Her Six Week All Natural Challenge has taught countless families how to improve behavior issues in their children through simple diet changes.  Susan has been featured on Circle of Moms, Cooking Light Magazine’s Blogger Connection, and Our Family Eats has been named Blog of the Month by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

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Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup

~::Noshing with the Nolands::~

Soups are not only good for you but they are good for the soul. Nothing better than a big bowl of soup to cure what ails you! Fall soups are my favorite with their bright orange colors and warm soothing flavors. I love to sit down with family and friends to share one of my homemade soups. They are a must in our home for the holidays.








ABOUT TARA: Tara’s love of cooking started at a very young age where she would cook for her family. That love has continued over the years and now includes lots of time spent in the kitchen with her husband and daughter creating and entertaining. She also has a new found love of photography, working hard to increase her skills. When pulled away from the kitchen the family loves to explore and travel. You can follow Tara on Facebook , Twitter or Pinterest.

The Number 1 Way to Eat Leaner & Healthier

 ~::The Stone Soup::~

The other day, I was thinking I’ve never heard anyone say that eating vegetables is bad for you. Or that we really should be trying to eat less veg. Which is pretty remarkable.

When you think about how much debate and differing-of-opinion there is around healthy eating, it’s a relief to know that there’s one thing everyone (pretty much) agrees on.

Which brings me to…

The number 1 way to eat leaner AND healthier…

ABOUT JULES: I’m a first and foremost a food lover who adores her veggies. The type of girl who plans her holidays around restaurant reservations.I’m equally happy spending 6 hours dining at the (former) best restaurant in the world as I am sitting on stools in a Brooklyn alleyway wolfing down Texas-style BBQ brisket.I also love cooking and simplicity. So I am constantly on the lookout for ways to make my cooking less complicated and time consuming without sacrificing flavour or wholesomeness.I have degrees in both food and wine science but I’m not a nerd, really. In January 2010, I packed in my day job as a chocolate biscuit designer for Australia’s largest biscuit company to become a full time blogger.

Zucchini Noodles & Avocado-Miso Sauce

 ~::Love & Lemons::~

I was on a raw (well raw-ish) kick last week. Lately, I’ve been trying to eat lighter, and a bit healthier… less heavy starches, that sort of thing. I’ve been feeling really low-energy, so I’m trying to eat more veggie-focused meals, and incorporate healing foods like miso and hemp seed and ginger.

Less starch and more veggies led me to…






ABOUT JEANINE (& JACK): Hi, my name is Jeanine. I’m a designer, healthy-food-maker, and all-around creative-kind. My husband Jack is a video game programmer, cheese lover, and the general household tech-support. In a lot of ways, we’re two people that couldn’t be more different. We started this blog because the one common interest we share is food. Whether we’re exploring cultures halfway around the world, checking out a new neighborhood restaurant, or experimenting in our own kitchen, we have the most fun together when food is involved. Also, after 11 years together, we just needed a new project to talk about.

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