Charades for Kids (with printable game cards)

Val Curtis

Whether you are hanging out around a fire pit in the summer or tucked away from the elements in the winter, a few rounds of charades for kids can be a fantastic source of smiles, giggles and downright belly laughs. If you are slick enough to capture some of the performances on video, you will have laughs for days to come.

Over the recent break, my kids started this game up on their own. I bet you can guess which ones they came up with!!

On to the play, here are a few helpful hints to keep everyone giggling:

Charades for Kids Helpful Hints

  1. Are props allowed?
  2. Can the littlest players make sounds?
  3. Who is going to be the “reader” for the non-readers?
  4. Are you keeping score or just having fun?
  5. Will you have signals for “animal”, “person” or others?

Supplies needed:

  • Charades cards (printable here)
  • Hat
  • Timer
  • Paper and pencil (if needed)
  • Props (if needed)


  1. Have the youngest player pick a card.
  2. The timer starts after the card has been read. They have 60 seconds.
  3. Other players guess what the actor is trying to share.
  4. If no one gets it, the person to the left can give the same word a try or they can grab a new card. The choice is theirs.
  5. Continue around the group.
  6. The game is over when one person scores 10 or everyone has had enough. Enjoy!

Charades for kids printable






Charades for kids and laughs for the entire family (with printable game cards) - an easy, fun game to pass the time with your kids

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