You’re Grounded and Now It’s Going to Sting {Printable}

Val Curtis

It happened. My kid blew it at school yesterday, and we received an email from his teacher today. All of the questions started racing through my mind. Why didn’t he say something yesterday? What made him mad? How are we going to roll out the consequences for this?

I know how to tackle the first two with him; we just need a quiet venue, and I already have that figured out. It’s the consequences. I know it needed to sting. His favorite things? Screen time and Pokemon cards. Zap. Those are gone for a week, but then what? I remembered this sheet I had seen floating around the internet a few months back where a mom announced to her kids that they were grounded and that they had to earn points to get “ungrounded.” I really like that.

So, we decided it would take 700 points to earn his screen time and Pokemon cards back. I created little sheet to help all of us keep track. Feel free to print off a copy for yourself. You will note that I left a few blank spaces because sometimes we need to get a little creative. We wouldn’t want to bore them with the same choices over and over again, right?

He also has the potential to lose points for whining about homework or chores.

grounded page 1

Finally, I included a “Let’s Keep Track” sheet with basic information. The part I like is at the bottom where he has to fill in his name, the points he must earn and then why he has to do this.  Accountability and a little reminder every time he fills out the sheet followed by my signature.grounded page 2 CLICK HERE TO PRINT OFF BOTH SHEETS

Before I gave this to him, we chatted. I told him I loved him and that I know he is a good kid and that this is merely a bad choice. I asked him what happened and how he might change his reaction in the future. Most of all, I listened and then with a calm voice filled with empathy, I told him there had to be a consequence and this is how we were going to deal with it. He was upset, understandably, but after we both signed he was ok and asked for a little quiet time. After a few minutes, he snuck back in and gave me a hug and said, “Sorry I was disrespectful.” He’s a good kid and I told him so.

How do you deal with consequences in your family?

Wish me good luck!

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You Are Grounded and this is going to sting a bit - printable



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