Family Room September 17 2012

BonBon Break

Why There Were Television Cameras in My Kitchen

~:: Groovy Green Livin ::~

This week has been far from ordinary and yesterday was no exception. The back-to-school transition is challenging for all on so many different levels. I decided that I wanted to complicate my life even more and add to it the launch of my petition asking Disney to get toxic chemicals out of princess and Spiderman lunch boxes. So let’s just say all ‘you-know-what’ broke loose at once this week. I probably have a few more gray hairs, but I’ve lived to tell the tale.


ABOUT LORI: Lori Popkewitz Alper is the founder and editor-in-chief of Groovy Green Livin, a site dedicated to sharing simple green living tips and current information on sustainable living.   A contributing writer for multiple blogs and websites, Lori speaks, writes and advises on a variety of issues related to creating a greener lifestyle and improving your business reach through social media. Lori has been featured on ABC World News and in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Los Angels Times, Care2 and Blumberg News.

Lori is a borderline vegan and recovering attorney. She lives in the Greater Boston area with her three sons, chocolate lab and groovy husband.

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Hanging Out in the Grown Up Clubhouse

 ~:: Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom ::~

We’ve all been there. Kids barricaded in their rooms for hours, only to emerge the second you pick up the phone or attempt to engage in an activity not involving them.

The day The Hubby and I began taking creative refuge in our garage/studio, the kids wanted in. Yes, we do have to live like a refugee.





ABOUT LINDA: Linda Roy is mom to two boys and founder/co-songwriter of Indie Americana band Jehova Waitresses, which she fronts with her husband on lead guitar. After many years of marital and musical partnership, they still haven’t killed each other.

Her blog chronicles life as a mom and musician, as it takes humorous stabs at day to day life, social commentary and even throws in a few song parodies for kicks.

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Once Upon a Time

 ~:: Sarah: Simply Me ::~

Do you remember what life was like without children? For some it might be only a few months ago, and yet for others it might be years since they can remember what life was like then.

Life without kids was different, but life with kids is something to always cherish. We go through many changes as we go through life, and when I wrote this I wanted to recall what it was like once upon a time, when as I like to call it, my husband and I were single.. that is, without children.






ABOUT SARAH: Sarah is the mother of 2 young boys ages 2 and 3, with a another little one on the way, due March of 2013. She is married to her best friend, whom she met while serving in the US Navy. She is a born again Christian, loving Jesus while raising her kids and running her home.
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Watching the Leaves Fall

 ~:: Sluiter Nation ::~

See that tiny figure in this picture? That would be my Eddie.

Last night after dinner, he wanted to go outside, and after about 20 minutes of not seeing him running anywhere in the back yard or driveway, I went in search of him.

I found him in our side lot with his little folding chair right on the edge of where our lawn meets the weeds before turning into the line of trees.

He had set himself up as if he was just sitting back watching something…and he had been sitting that way for awhile.

“Hey bud. Whatcha doin’?”


ABOUT KATE: Katie Sluiter is a freelance writer and teacher who should probably be grading papers or changing diapers but is more likely blogging, tweeting, or just overusing social media in general. She chronicles all this on her blog, Sluiter Nation.
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