Kitchen September 3 2012

BonBon Break

THE ART OF THE BENTO BOX ::: My Small Potatoes

I have a confession to make. I went to Japan and came home with an addiction. Yup. I am addicted to bento box lunches. Every store I went into, I looked for more bento supplies. I ended up having to buy a little suitcase while I was there just to bring home all the stuff I bought! But in all seriousness…the bento is brilliant.

First of all, it’s cute.

Secondly, and most importantly it’s efficient and good for our planet. I have not bought or used a single plastic sandwich bag since I got home. This means no more lunch trash to throw away. Everything I bought is washable and reusable. Oh, and did I mention it’s all cute?

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About Arlee: 
Arlee is an Early Childhood Educator, earning her degree at BYU Idaho. She runs a government accredited care center in her home in Red Deer, AB. She studied with the New York Institute of Photography and she owns her own photography studio. Arlee is a mother of 6, an aspiring yogi, a lover of books, travel, good food and wine. She’s a blogger in her “spare time” and she will never say no to chocolate.

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One of the best parts of summer is spending extra quality time with the little people around my house. When we have time together, it really cements our relationships and makes for a happy house and lots of unprovoked hugs. One of the things I dislike about summer is that I am constantly harassed to “go out” for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Am I alone here? It can’t just be my kids who are instantly starving (after eating 15 minutes prior) as soon as we hit the car to run errands. Please say yours do the same?

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About Heather: Heather is the author of the food blog Farmgirl Gourmet.  An avid home cook, amateur photographer and organic gardener.  She lives in Spokane County, Washington where she develops family friendly recipes from her 100 year old kitchen.  Follow along at

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GRILLED CORN SALAD ::: The Healthy Foodie

Grill Roasted Corn Salad | by Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

Trust me, you’ll thank me for it, for this one is plain sublime! So sweet and fresh and intensely crunchy, with just a hint of hot and tangy, it just SCREAMED of a beautiful summer day. It would be the perfect salad to take with you to a family picnic or a day out at the beach!

Go, quick! Make it now before it’s too late!

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About Sonia: 

“I’m Sonia! The Healthy Foodie, a 39 year old French Canadian from Québec (Canada), single mother of 2 fully grown kids, who’s recently turned her life around and decided to embrace a healthier approach to living. I’ve become totally enthralled by this healthy lifestyle and created a blog where I share, on a regular basis, thoughts and recipes that I find sit well with my perception of how fun healthy living can be!

For really…who says eating healthy has to be boring?

Want in on the fun?

Join me on The Healthy Foodie, a place where every day meals turn into a celebration of health.”

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LOAFING ::: Flour Arrangements

Before I went back to teaching again last year, I used to bake bread several times a week. We ate plenty and shared plenty.

Working messed with my bread rhythm, though, and finally I started buying bread. It wasn’t the same, but we all got used to it.

When summer freedom returned, I found some time to bake French bread. Eliza nearly ate a whole loaf in one sitting. She would have eaten more if I’d let her.

The next day she asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on one of the remaining loaves. Baguettes are not my go-to for peanut butter and jelly, but she went crazy for them. She wanted them day after day after day. The bread didn’t last long.

This week, Eliza started school, and so did I.

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About Suzanne:  Suzanne focuses on food as centerpiece for both everyday routines and special occasions. Each recipe featured on Flour Arrangements, from simple loaves of bread to fondant decorated birthday cakes, comes with a story that blends life with cooking. You can find Suzanne on Facebook.

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