Someday I’ll look back and laaaaugh… Foreign travel while pregnant by Outside Mom

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Someday I’ll look back and laaaaugh… Foreign travel while pregnant

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What do you do when you and your husband plan a dream trip to Peru and then find out right after you pay for the trip that you are pregnant? Well, if you love adventure and are a contributing editor to Outside Mom, you go.

Morning sickness, motion sickness, a new sensitivity to anything emanating a scent, and ridiculous lethargy  that plagued me the entire two weeks of our trip was not exactly the dream trip we planned. But, believe it or not, I would do it all again.

I am so glad to share what it was like to travel while coping with the many hormonal changes that come with early pregnancy.  Especially now that I’m less than six weeks  away from giving birth to the baby girl that made our trip to Peru even more of an adventure!

About Olivia: Olivia is currently a PhD student studying bees and flowers in the southwestern U.S. She moonlights as a blogger on 3 Clues to Use When Choosing Educational Children’s Media by Angela , and as an after school enrichment provider for elementary school science labs. She loves teaching children how to ask and answer their own questions, and to appreciate science as much as she does. When not in front of a computer madly typing up her dissertation, she is out exploring the mountains of northern New Mexico.

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