Zucchini & Tomato Pasta by Running with Tweezers

BonBon Break

I just can’t let go of summer produce. Normally this time of year, I’m yearning for soups and winter squashes and tights weather. Right now, though, my heart’s holding on to the past month or so – the throes of summer – and it is manifesting itself in plates of tomatoes with herbs and a bit of crunchy salt. Veggie-heavy sandwiches with roasted garlic mayo. A weekly Caprese salad…and this pasta dish.

ABOUT TAMI: Tami Hardeman is a professional food stylist based in Atlanta, Georgia. When she’s not on a print or film shoot, she turns to her food blog Running With Tweezers. For seven years, she’s been sharing recipes, photos and stories on her critically acclaimed blog. You can follow her on TwitterPinterest, and Facebook.