Kristina Hoy

Sandcastles by Icing and CrumbsPhoto by Alyse Thomson


Sometimes life happens most outside.

Among the broken branches and fallen leaves.

Over the rough surfaces of unevenly placed rocks.

Between the twisted slipperiness of exposed tree roots.

As small feet navigate these we notice every step.

When little hands grasp and feel we bend and look too, our words of exclamation and encouragement softly wrapped in the breeze around us.

Outside the leaves are rustling.
(Inside the phone is ringing.)

Outside the twigs are crackling.
(Inside the oven’s timer beeps.)

Outside the sun is shining – the tips of the thick, dewy moss forming a sea of glittery sparkles.
(Inside the washing machine halts loudly to a stop.)

Outside our feet beat against the earth as we run and chase each other along the winding trails in the valley.

Outside the wind whips through our hair and lets our laughter dance around us.

Outside we stop, flushed and rosy-cheeked, and feel the pulse of this earth beneath us.

Outside there is growth.

ABOUT KRISTINA:  I have two beautiful young children. We love to cook and create together. We like to whisk up pancakes and eat little creatures made from fruit. We like to paint and knead warm, colourful play dough. We like to play games and find words that rhyme. We like to explore new places and things. We love to hike, swim, run, splash and yell into the wind! And we share some of these little things here.  Follow Kristina on Facebook.


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