Strategies for Rainy Day Climbing (with a Toddler!) by CragMama

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Strategies for Rainy Day Climbing (with a Toddler!)

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Strategies for Rainy Day Climbing (with a Toddler!) by CragMama

In just a few short weeks it’ll be springtime again.  I can picture it now – buds will begin to sprout up in the garden, the birds start singling a little louder, and the days start getting a little longer.  Oh yeah and it rains.  All the time.  Actually that’s not true.  It doesn’t rain ALL the time.  The typical m.o. in the Southeast is for the skies to be bright and sunny all week, with clouds moving in on Friday afternoon, just in time to thoroughly soak your weekend plans in the Great Outdoors.  But before you’re tempted to cancel that trip you’ve been planning for weeks in favor of a (probably not as fun) indoor alternative, take a look at these tips for making the most of a wet and wild day at the crag, on the trail, or even by the water…

ABOUT ERICA:  Whether it’s dangling from a rope on a rock face or catching bugs in the backyard with her toddler, chances are you can find Erica outside somewhere. As a sponsored athlete forTrango Climbing Gear and AthletaErica seeks to not only promote rock climbing, but also become an inspiration for families wanting to get outside and recreate together. In addition to gear reviews, helpful tips and how-to’s for taking your family into the great outdoors, Erica documents her family’s adventures on her blog,, an online resource for families and families-to-be.

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