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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone 2There comes a time when you have to throw all fear and doubt out the window and just go for it. “It” can be anything, putting yourself out there emotionally or physically. I believe that stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways you can grow as a person. Feeling the accomplishment of trying something you didn’t think you could do or were too scared to do is one hell of a powerful feeling and can do wonders for your confidence.

One of my “its” has been skiing. It’s something that doesn’t come easily to me and frankly scares the hell out of me. Since moving to Utah in 2009 I made myself the promise that I would try skiing once every season since we’re supposed to have the best snow on earth. I have kept that promise, but this year was different.

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ABOUT HALEY: Haley blogs at Climb Run Lift Mom and is Mom to amazing kiddos. When she’s not outside climbing or running, she can probably be found huddled around her books studying. Being a full time mom and nursing student keeps her busy, but she always makes time for adventure. If she’s not on campus, she’s likely rock or ice climbing, running, mountain biking, doing yoga, or playing with her little ones in Utah’s wild country. Haley’s passionate about encouraging others to be eco-friendly while enjoying an “epic” outdoor lifestyle. “It’s my mission to inspire families everywhere to get out and get after it,” she says. “There’s no excuse for living a sedentary life.”

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