5 Recipes for Snow Treats by Outside Mom

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5 recipes for snow treats

I didn’t’ grow up in a place where it snowed, but luckily my Grandparents lived in an icy wonderland. Every winter we’d make the trek to their house at least once, tie plastic bags around our feet and head out into the snow. Every trip was accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate and a ‘snow cone’. I remember the snow cones being this amazing delicacy that only my Grandma could make.
A few years ago I asked her for her secret recipe. Her reply: 1 heap of snow and a handful of sugar. That’s it? I tried it one year. It wasn’t as delectable as it had been to my childhood self.
So I came up with a few of my own recipes for snow treats. I make these à la carte style. I have a big bowl of snow and all the toppings lined up and let my kids pick out whatever they want me to mix in.

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