When the Wild Calls: Dogsledding with Children by Frog Mom

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When the Wild Calls: Dogsledding with Children

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When the Wild Calls: Dogsledding with Children by FrogMomFor a different winter wonderland experience, dogsledding is the perfect way to enjoy snowy landscapes the way fur traders explored the Northwest. Sitting comfortably in a sled with your child under warm blankets, you’ll feel the wind whoosh by as the dogs follow their leader. If Jack London’s Yukon adventures resonated with you as a child, a team of huskies eager to dig their paws into deep snow is a must-see. We took our girls to Mount Shasta in Northern California for a first experience. It was a blast!

ABOUT LAURE: San Francisco transplant now living in London, Laure writes the family adventure blog Frog Mom and is the author of the book Best Hikes with Kids: San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by her two fearless daughters, she writes about raising tomorrow’s explorers – kids who love the outdoors, have a creative attitude, and enjoy new discoveries. That includes lots and lots of books! Enjoying the outdoors regardless of the seasons – yes, that means rain and cold too – her family spends most weekends exploring their surroundings with new adventures and new friends, from camping to castle exploring to night hiking or dog-sledding. As long as it sounds fun, it’s on the list! You can follow Frog Mom on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.


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