Fall Camping, Trips about Town and Bringing Nature Home

BonBon Break

Top Reasons to Love Fall Camping

~:: A Little Campy ::~

Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids. To me, there’s nothing better.

After spending a hot summer trying to keep cool, the moderate temperatures of autumn are a welcomed change. In fact, you can now enjoy your campfire without breaking a sweat. Ni-ice. Other reasons to love fall camping? So glad you asked…


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The Same, Yet Different

~:: Donuts, Dresses and Dirt ::~

As I readied myself to resume my weekly outings with Noah (if you recall, the “actual” first was shoe shopping), I knew that there would be some changes from last year.

Last year I could have easily spent the day at a museum, with Noah content in the stroller for much of the time. Now I knew I’d have a shorter “window”, and would need to plan an additional activity – ideally of the playground variety – to round out the day.

This worked out well as I wanted to see an exhibit at the Whitney Museum, which is only a block away from Central Park. I knew we’d find a playground nearby, and as the day was beautiful and unseasonably warm we headed off to the Upper East Side!


ABOUT SHERI:  Hello! I’m Sheri Silver – I’m a mom of 3 – ages 21, 16 and 3 (yes, you read correctly!). I own my own landscape design firm  and write the blog Donuts, Dresses and Dirt. While there is much gardening content on my blog, it is also the place where I give voice to my other passions – cooking and baking, parenting, and my adventures in and around NYC with my 3 amazing kids!

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5 Ways to Bring Nature into Your Home

~:: Carrots Are Orange ::~

Bringing Nature into your home, especially during the darker winter months, is a great way to inspire and ground your child. Even though we live in an amazing mecca of outdoor activities and beauty, Seattle is still a city and it is really dark during the winter months. Even so, we don’t always have time to go on a hike, and, although access to the outdoors is a lot better than most cities around the world, occasionally we have to be satisfied with a walk around our neighborhood as outdoor adventure time. Nature is important to us to include in our boys’ learning and development. Here are a few ways we try to achieve that goal.

Marnie writes Carrots Are Orange, a blog she started in 2010 after the birth of her first son. She hails from Maine, a wonderfully down to earth place to grow up. Marnie moved to the west coast in 1999, currently living in Seattle with her husband and two young boys. She is pursuing Montessori certification. Marnie can be found on Facebook , TwitterPinterest, and Google +.