Portraits, Chalkboard Mugs, Money Shots & Snowglobes

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Portraits of a Mother

~:: Ewa Samples of 365 Self-Portrait Project ::~

My five month old baby girl is screaming, wanting me to pick her up every time I put her down but I have no choice; I must prepare a breakfast for her two year old sister.0

While making breakfast, I wonder, “Should I take the picture now or later?”. I decide to take it later.

I must take the new puppy for a quick pee. While outside I think “darn, I shouldʼve taken the camera with me.”

While emptying the dish washer, I think, “that would make a good picture, too”, but Iʼm in a hurry.

I must clean up the mess after breakfast and the baby is screaming so loud I canʼt hear my thoughts, but I can assure you Iʼm thinking about whether-or-not I should be setting up my camera right now and where.

Puppy: quick pee. No time to take a picture but while waiting for her to finish I see a good place. I already have an idea for a picture. Not today, though, and itʼs kinda public.

Iʼm not very comfortable with that.


ABOUT EWA: Ewa Samples (Mom Photographer) is first generation Polish. After graduating university in Poland with master degree in Media Education, at age 26 she moved to the US for a cultural exchange program called Au Pair.

Today she is a mother of two young girls, wife to a crazy biker and an owner of two dogs.

In her private life, she is very passionate about food and children photography. Now and then, for a difference, she likes to snap a picture of a flower or a bug.

At the beginning of 2012 she started the 365 Self-Portrait Project (one self-portrait each day for a year).

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DIY: Chalkboard Mug

~:: Wit & Whistle ::~

Naturally when I discovered porcelain chalkboard paint I had to grab some. The inventor must be some kind of genius. Now I have the most amusing coffee mug ever, and you can have one too. This is a much easier version of the hand painted mug project—no drawing or painting skills required!







ABOUT AMANDA: I’m Amanda Wright—self-proclaimed design nerd, and the girl behind Wit & Whistle. My husband, Daniel, and I live in a quirky A-frame house in Cary, North Carolina with our two dogs, Oliver and Mabel. Wit & Whistle offers witty greeting cards and whistle worthy paper goods—all designed and illustrated by me!

When I’m not inventing new goodies for the shop, I try to make sure life is brimming with creative moments. I fill sketchbook pages with doodles, dream up DIY projects, decorate our home, get dirt under my fingernails in the garden, dabble in photography, and do a fair amount of cooking and baking. Documenting these moments on my blog motivates me to live a creative life, and hopefully it will be a source of inspiration to you as well.

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Do you want to get published? Learn the “money shot” layouts!

~:: A Nest for All Seasons ::~

Have you been dying to get your content on craftgawker? tasteologie? larger publications? I hear you! It can be very difficult to get your work seen and accepted, but I’ve got a few tricks and tips for you! For over a year, i have been experimenting with different layouts, exposures and hooks for my submissions, and I’ve finally found some patterns. Today I’m spilling my secrets for getting your content accepted and getting LOADS of extra niched traffic to your site!







: Amy Renea is a freelance writer, designer and editorial photographer, based in Hershey, PA. As a design writer for HOUZZ  and a craft designer for Crafts Unleashed , Amy splits her time between discovering architectural gems and being covered head to toe in glitter. Amy’s work has been seen in a variety of outlets including the Nate Berkus Show, FORBES, Garden Design and Hobby Farm Home.

When Amy isn’t blogging, she’s chasing around three little boys and eight crazy chickens in the backyard. When she gives up the chase, you’ll find her sipping on dandelion tea on the back porch. Get behind the scenes photos, inspiring ideas and more by following along on FacebookPinterestTwitter, or Instagram!

Miniatures in a Jar

~:: Salt Tree ::~

We’ve all roamed the aisles at many stores during the holiday season, admiring the magical wintery displays, gorgeous tree ornaments, spectacular table decor and… the high prices to match. The beautiful side of having a craft blog is that is seems to keep that fire lit under that frugal, creative burner. So when I saw these sweet miniature lamp posts at my local dollar store, I didn’t hesitate to snatch them up and turn them into my own little dreamy winter wonderland.


ABOUT AMBER: Living in Ontario, Canada, this wife and mother decided, yes, like many others, to start a blog after much ‘encouragement’ from friends. Initially, as a way to share creative ideas, hoping for honest feedback, and maybe, just maybe, inspire others.Started in March 2011, SaltTree has since grown quite an archive, an impressive following across several platforms and has been featured on dozens of websites & blogs.More than a year after its humble beginning, Amber is still stealing away little moments to create, cook and dream, camera in hand, all while chasing a toddler.You can follow Amber on her blog, SaltTree, hang out with her on Facebook, or see what she’s inspired by on Pinterest. To follow via email, subscribe to SaltTree’s RSS feed.