Mom Cave August 20 2012

BonBon Break


Today we have some much needed rain…

…but a few days ago I picked a few blossoms

and played with my camera and some colored glass…





About 52 Flea: Hello, I’m Laura and the author of 52 FLEA which is my online journal and an accounting of my flea marketing and antiquing adventures. I have been a life long collector of all things old and interesting and began sharing my collections and experiences through my blog in 2009. I am amazed and honored as 52 FLEA has been featured in Somerset Life, Artful Blogging, Romantic Homes, and even a mention in Flea Market Style!


Since leaving the corporate world two years ago I have been focusing on my creative and artistic side. I have become enamored with photography… taking pictures of my vintage collections, the sights at antique shows, flea markets, beautiful homes and gardens, eclectic shops and all sorts of fascinating places.  My camera and my laptop are always with me!


Although my collecting continues, I have been trying to organize my life and my “stuff” and have begun the process of letting go…not only sharing but selling my treasures in a multi dealer shop. I am also on the verge of opening my online and Etsy shops.


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SOMETIMES THE TOAST LANDS BUTTER-SIDE-UP ::: Unravelling with Mary Scott Huff

Stockinetta and Garterina, twin goddesses of knitting mischief and mayhem , are officially on Summer Vacay. Here’s how I know: I went to my LYS on Mission: Implausible. The nice Lady there sensed a disturbance in the Force: “You look like you know exactly what you’re after; just let me know if I can help at all…”. I held up the shawl. “I’m five rows from the end, and I’m out of handspun. I know that at this point there are only degrees of failure.” The color actually drained from her face. “Don’t cry for me,” I said. “I knew this was a one-way trip, but I just had to try.”


About Mary: A wife to one and a mother to two
A native of the Pacific Northwest
A classically trained actor
A fiber artist
The caretaker of 2 cats, and 2 Scottish Terriers
An avid motorcycle enthusiast
A ferocious friend
A caring daughter
A loving sister
A sometime singer
Devoted to hearing, causing and experiencing Laughter
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FINDING MY VOICE ::: Tallgrass Prairie Studio

This winter I’ll mark my 5th year anniversary as a quilter. In some ways five years seems like a long time and in other ways it seems like I’ve barely begun. As I was writing notes today for an upcoming talk I’m going to give in Colorado I started to reminisce a bit.

After I saw the Quilts of Gees Bend, I fell in love with that improvisational spirit, but there was no “how to” in any of their books. When Denyse Schmidt’s first book arrived I thought, she is going to share the process and I was crestfallen to find a book of patterns and no insight into her process. I’ve since learned that sharing, documenting and talking about the improvisational process is more complicated and involved than I had imagined.


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About Jacquie: I’m Jacquie and I live on the outskirts of the loop in Chicago, IL. I’ve been sewing all my life, but discovered quilting in 2008 and have been obsessively making quilts ever since. Chicago is my new home as of September 2011. I am a midwest girl and my blog name comes from the Tallgrass Prairie which is near my former Kansas home. I sew in a 9′ x 10′ studio in my apartment. I do my best to fit all my fabric and everything I need into my small space. I have two sewing machines.  I do most of my sewing on my Bernina 820 and I have a back up Bernina that I use for piecing when my big Bernina is tied up with quilting.
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