Foraging, Epic Failures, Gardening & Molting Chickens

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Foraging Finds: Autumn

~:: Food with Thought ::~

Autumn has returned to England with its grey skies and blustery winds howling through our garden. After a cold summer, a welcomed heat wave in late August produced a foraging 1st-find for my husband and me while the familiar ones are sweeter than seasons past. Discover more about our foraging finds and some of this seasons’ best from the English countryside.



Callie Pannier is a Texan by birth and a nomad at heart. After graduating from Rhodes College with a degree in English literature, and a few years of traveling, she joined the sales team at Four Seasons Resort Las Colinas to pursue a career that would cater to her love of travel and fine hotels. Today, Callie and her husband live in Hampshire, England and are the proud parents of a one-year-old daughter.

Callie recently put her office heels back up on the shelf to spend more time at home with their daughter. Life with a French chef, a new baby and one opinionated dog inspired Callie to begin blogging about her family adventures both abroad and at home at Food With Thought.

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Epic Failure?

~:: Climb Run Lift Mom ::~

August was in no uncertain terms was supposed to be an EPIC month. I had Devil’s Tower, a Wisconsin trip with climbing at Devil’s Lake and The Grand Teton on my agenda for the month. Because of circumstances out of my control (partner’s injured foot), Devil’s Tower was cancelled (or technically postponed, because it WILL happen). The Wisconsin trip happened, spent 2 weeks back home with family, and got some sick whitewater in while there as well. But Devil’s Lake was a no go as well. I guess when your main climbing partner is injured, the amount of climbing happening is going to suffer.


ABOUT HALEY: Haley blogs at Climb Run Lift Mom and is Mom to amazing kiddos. When she’s not outside climbing or running, she can probably be found huddled around her books studying. Being a full time mom and nursing student keeps her busy, but she always makes time for adventure. If she’s not on campus, she’s likely rock or ice climbing, running, mountain biking, doing yoga, or playing with her little ones in Utah’s wild country. Haley’s passionate about encouraging others to be eco-friendly while enjoying an “epic” outdoor lifestyle. “It’s my mission to inspire families everywhere to get out and get after it,” she says. “There’s no excuse for living a sedentary life.”

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It’s a garden

 ~:: May Dreams Gardens ::~

It’s a garden. It contains living plants that grow, sprawl, climb, spread, and flower. It’s full of plants with fragrance, plants that have a special way of reflecting back the early morning sun or capturing the raindrops on the edges of their leaves. It’s a garden.





ABOUT CAROL: Carol Michel is a lifelong gardener and resident of Indiana. She knows about the joys of lilacs in the spring, homegrown tomatoes in the summer, brilliant colored foliage in the fall and snow covered gardens in the winter. Follow her blog at May Dreams Garden, check out her Facebook page, and don’t miss a day of her Indygardener tweets from the garden.

The Great Chicken Molt of 2012

 ~:: Grow & Resist ::~

Chickens typically molt (or lose some feathers) yearly in the early fall. However, ‘losing feathers’ sounds so gentle…benign even. What you really find is a flock of somewhat diseased and battle-worn looking chickens sneaking furtive glances of contempt, suspicion, and craziness at you. It isn’t pretty. Read on to take a peek and be sure to follow the link to their former fluffy glory!



ABOUT MEG: Meg is a quirky queer lady living in Seattle with her kick ass partner, awesome kiddo, 1 dog, and 9 chickens. She loves to garden, cook, create, learn, travel, read, run, swim, cycle, and laugh. Right now, she probably wants to nap. She writes about all of this and gets a kick out of infusing everyday life stuff with healthy doses of social justice & resistance. A somewhat ex-nurse, she recently founded her own company Brown Dirt, an edible landscape design/consultation business.

You can find Meg at Grow and ResistFacebook and Brown Dirt. She is on Twitter, but you are unlikely to find her there because it makes her eyes cross and head explode at the same time.