Backyard August 27 2012

BonBon Break


20120815 161950 Simple is Best {Natures Playground}

We’re spending August on Cape Cod with family. As amazing this opportunity, being alone with my 1.5 and 3 year old for a good part of that time is daunting in an unfamiliar place. This morning I woke up wondering how many times within an 8 hour period is too many for my limbs to fall asleep. After a few nights of the good old family bed, I woke up a bit tired. I glanced at the clock that read: 6:21 and thought, ‘oh my’ as my boys’ bodies began to squirm gearing up for the day.

But those feelings quickly left my body and my mind as soon as we ventured to a nearby pond.

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About Marnie: 
Marnie writes Carrots Are Orange, a blog she started in 2010 after the birth of her first son. She hails from Maine, a wonderfully down to earth place to grow up. Marnie moved to the west coast in 1999, currently living in Seattle with her husband and two young boys. She is pursuing Montessori certification. Marnie can be found on Facebook , TwitterPinterest, and Google +.

CITY GIRL TURNED CAMPER GIRL! ::: Structure in an Unstructured Life

My friend once told me she saw a magnet that reminded her of me. It said, “I love not camping.” I would have to agree; at the time, that magnet described me exactly. I am certainly not your stereotypical camper. I love my hair dryer, my down comforter, my wifi, and a slew of other modern conveniences and luxuries.

Then I was blessed with two adorable boys, who happen to be all boy. They like to be outside, in the dirt, catching bugs, all day. So whether I liked it or not, I had to learn to adapt! Here’s how this high maintenance mama learned to love getting down and dirty with the boys!

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About Beth: Beth is the creator of Structure in an Unstructured Life. She is a former elementary school teacher turned corporate trainer. She is mama to two boys and wife to a high school football coach. When she’s not learning to love the dirty, loud, and wild life of raising little boys, she enjoys blogging, writing, reading, scrapbooking, and working on slowly making her home into the ones she pins on Pinterest. You can find Beth on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  


grow and resist august mid month meanderings marionberry

Summer creeps slowly in during July and tentatively makes itself known. By August she is all up in your face with her fierce summer-ness and, after a few days of 90°+ days without any air-conditioning, you concede defeat. Invariably this leaves you wondering how you came to be so incredibly wimpy about the weather.

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About Meg: Meg is a quirky queer lady living in Seattle with her kick ass partner, awesome kiddo, 1 dog, and 9 chickens. She loves to garden, cook, create, learn, travel, read, run, swim, cycle, and laugh. Right now, she probably wants to nap. She writes about all of this and gets a kick out of infusing everyday life stuff with healthy doses of social justice & resistance. A somewhat ex-nurse, she recently founded her own company Brown Dirt, an edible landscape design/consultation business.

You can find Meg at Grow and ResistFacebook and Brown Dirt. She is on Twitter, but you are unlikely to find her there because it makes her eyes cross and head explode at the same time.