10 Reasons to Play Outside with Your Children This Winter by My Nearest and Dearest

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10 Reasons to Play Outside with Your Children This Winter

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10 reasons to play outsideI live where the winters are cold, snowy, and long. On those bleak winter days it is very tempting to hunker down inside with my son and the children in my home daycare. There are plenty of things to do in our warm, comfortable house. I can avoid the frustration of helping three two-year olds into their snowsuits as they wiggle and squirm and try to take everything off.

But we don’t stay in. Why? Because the benefits of outdoor playtime far outweigh the hassle of preparing for it. Because if we’re dressed properly we don’t even notice how cold it is. And because there are too many good reasons not to play outside. Do you need a little motivation to get outside this winter?

Ann-234x300ABOUT ANN: Ann blogs at My Nearest and Dearest about living a simple and contented life with her husband and son in Eastern Canada .  She runs a small home daycare and gets a huge kick out of planning activities for the kids and sharing the resulting fun and learning on her blog. Lovers of the great outdoors, Ann and her family try to spend as much time as possible in and around the nearby woods.

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