The Sesame Street Ice Cream Project



Summer time and homemade ice cream go hand in hand!  Ice cream made from scratch makes any day feel festive, especially when the whole family gets involved in the making. Bringing out the old-school ice cream churn at backyard barbecues keeps kids busy and entertained. Besides, there’s something to be said for working for that dessert!

Amber of SaltTree has dreamed up some mouthwatering and creative recipes that will make all the cranking involved in producing homemade ice cream even more exciting for kids and adults alike:  Sesame Street-inspired ice cream flavors!

The Sesame Street Ice Cream project features the show’s beloved characters in a cool, sweet format:

  • Mix poppy seeds, toasted sesame seeds, and honey cake into a creamy lemon ice cream base for yellow-feathered friend Big Bird.
  • Make a mess while mixing up white chocolate, peanut butter, and a ribbon of caramel in honor of Oscar the Grouch.
  • Transform plain-Jane vanilla into a vibrant, blue-hued treat for Cookie Monster! The kids will love this creamy base  studded with chocolate chip cookie chunks and lots of extra chocolate chips for good measure.
  • Combine chocolate and coconut in honor of the elusive, yet massive Snuffleupagus. This one’s dairy and egg free with a gluten-free option!
  • Add dark chocolate numbers to a luscious, creamy blackberry ice cream base for everyone’s favorite counter — Count von Count!
  • Whip up a naturally red sorbet with all the fresh, pure flavor of strawberry and raspberry for sweet little Elmo.

Amber’s recipes are simple and straightforward with ideas for variations depending on flavor preferences and dietary needs. Both the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch flavors include food dye to get their coloful appearance; if adding dye makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry, Amber provides resources for finding or making natural dyes on these posts.

Add some fun and flair to your next summer party with one or more of these playful, delicious flavors!

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The Sesame Street Ice Cream project features this public television show's beloved characters a cool, sweet format. Great DIY dessert project for families.

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Amber is a part-time SAHM to her two very energetic young boys. She has always been a creative individual and has baked since she was old enough to use a cookie cutter. Her main blogging goal is to share recipes, crafts, and DIY tutorials that aim to be accessible to most in skill level and availability of resources, to share and encourage creativity, and to have some honest life moments along the way. Join Amber over at SaltTree for fresh, new weekly content.