Key Lime Cooler Cocktail

Taylor McBride


Add a refreshing burst of flavor to your life with a Key Lime Cooler Cocktail. Taylor of Perpetually Hungry shares this sassy citrus drink that’s simple to prepare.

Taylor suggests a great shortcut for mixing up these tart drinks featuring tiny little key limes, which can be time-consuming to juice. Taylor says, “I found the key lime juice used in these at my local store in the cocktail juice aisle. We looked all over for it in the refrigerated juice, but we finally located it in the non-refrigerated section. It’s a lot easier than juicing tons of key limes, and I think the taste (I used a Florida brand) is identical.”

Whether you choose bottled juice or decide to juice your own limes to mix up a Key Lime Cooler or two, we know you’ll love the bright, tangy flavor of this festive cocktail. Cheers!



: Taylor McBride is a self-taught cook from Charlotte, NC. Growing up around a family of great cooks, Taylor developed a strong passion for food, wine, and cocktails. She is a Mexican and Southern food enthusiast and loves creating unique cocktails for every occasion. You can find her on her blog, Perpetually Hungry.

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Add a burst of flavor to your life with a Key Lime Cooler Cocktail, a refreshing drink with a great tart flavor.