Orange Mint Tequila Cocktail

Angela Sanchez-Robles



The days are getting shorter as we ease into fall. And while we love pumpkin, sometimes we need a brighter orange — a sunnier orange — to make up for the light we’re losing. These Orange Mint Tequila Cocktails from Angela of Mind over Batter offer a burst of colorful flavor to brighten any darkening afternoon.

Angela says, “This drink is truly a beauty; both to look at, and to have in your mouth areas. I’m telling you, it is fresh to death. It’s zesty and just bursting with orange brightness. It’s like your own personal sun, if your sun had a fuzzy warm tequila center.”

And really, who doesn’t want that? Bring on the personal sun with a fuzzy warm tequila center! Cheers!




This Orange Mint Tequila Cocktail is zesty and just bursting with brightness. It’s like your own personal sun, if your sun had a fuzzy warm tequila center.

Angela is the mastermind behind the food blog Mind over Batter, where she’s been actively creating and sharing recipes since 2012. She is a full time IT professional and the mother of two children – A quiet teen and a super precocious six-year-old who never misses a chance to correct her if she misses a word during story time. Her weekends are spent in her tiny kitchen creating (and eating) delectable, yet very approachable recipes. Angela’s t-shirts perpetually sport flour hand-prints she’s lovingly dubbed “T-shirt Flour Art.” She believes butter and sugar are the keys to happiness, and she refuses to go a day without chocolate. Angela’s life motto: No one should shy away from a gooey brownie or a nice ooze of caramel.