Blood Orange Mojitos

Julie & Debbie


Kickstart your weekend with citrus and fresh mint in these beautiful and tasty Blood Orange Mojitos!  Cooks With Cocktails — a fun mother-daughter blogging team — shares their tempting recipe for these vibrant beverages. One of the best parts about their recipe is that it doesn’t need much sugar:

“The blood orange juice is quite sweet so you really don’t need a lot of sweetener in this cocktail, or any at all if you would rather.  We used just a half a tsp of honey, but you could use simple syrup too and use as much or as little as you like.  Start with half a tsp and adjust as you need to.”

Blood orange season typically runs from December through May, so be sure to mix up some Blood Orange Mojitos before this gorgeous fruit disappears from the produce section! Cheers!




Kick-start your weekend with citrus and fresh mint in these beautiful and tasty Blood Oranges Mojitos! Since blood oranges are so sweet, this recipe doesn't require much sugar!

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