Infuse Your Booze! DIY Flavored Liquors

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This is one of those posts where I will come off as a lush, and an opinionated one at that. But these cocktails? They are simply research, baby – this is all for you.

If you like the creativity of cooking and combining flavors and you drink hard alcohol, then booze infusions are a natural place to play around and have fun personalizing your liquor cabinet. Infusions are also a great DIY holiday gift, if your crowd is a little more scotch and speakeasy than Santa hat and sugar cookie.

Booze infusions are very simple – you soak ingredients in a base alcohol until you like the taste. If you can make tea, you can make a cucumber gin or a chai tea vodka or a cherry bourbon. Once you have those infusions on hand, you’re some ice and a mixer or two from a Cucumber Gin Gimlet (very refreshing in late August) or a Chai White Russian or a Cherry Manhattan.

That’s really all there is to it, so if you learn best by doing, feel free to stop reading now and go play around with whatever’s in your liquor and spice cabinet. I won’t take it personally. If you want the complete guide to everything I’ve learned about making my own infusions, read on.

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For the ultimate homemade gift or holiday cocktail, infuse your booze with some of these pungent flavors for DIY Flavored Liquors.