Baked Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce by The Cooking Bride

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Baked Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce

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Baked Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce by The Cooking Bride

Baked Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce by The Cooking Bride

I solemnly swear to make this dish more frequently.  Ya’ll are my witness.

Every time I make it, I wonder why I don’t make it more often.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite ways to eat eggs.  I first posted this back in 2010.  However, I haven’t made it since then.  Three years WAY too long to let this one go!

This is a super easy recipe for Easter brunch or just a lazy Saturday morning.  Prepare your biscuitsfirst and while they bake, get the eggs ready to go.  Then while the eggs bake, make the Hollandiase sauce.  I’m sure you’ve probably heard rumors that Hollandaise sauce is tricky to make.  This recipe is food proof and it really does make the dish.  I have eaten this both with and without sauce, and the Hollandaise brings a completely different level of flavor to the dish.

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