Sangrita {Sangria + Margarita}

Jennie Phaneuf


Imagine tart, sour lime, sweet orange, bold red wine, and salty tequila mixed together in one perfect glass. Can you taste it, this magical Sangrita {Sangria + Margarita}? Is your mouth watering for a sip?

Fortunately for you, Jennie Phaneuf of One Sweet Mess shares her recipe for this heavenly concoction, which is simple to prepare and to easy serve. She says:

I prefer to make this cocktail by the pitcher and invite the gals over for a ladies’ night.

Now we’re talking.

Dust off that pitcher and send out some invitations. Do it — right now before you get sidetracked! You deserve some quality time catching up with your girlfriends. This Sangrita is just the excuse you need to make it happen!





Imagine tart, sour lime, sweet orange, bold red wine, and salty tequila mixed together in one perfect glass. Mix up a pitcher of Sangrita!

Jennie is the baker, photographer, recipe developer, and mess-maker behind One Sweet Mess. Making a mess in the kitchen is highly encouraged and licking the spatula is an absolute must. In her world, cookies are a nutritional breakfast option, sprinkles taste good on just about everything, and sangria is best served daily.