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Suzanne Cowden


Whether you love the Oscars for the red carpet glamour, the talent line up of presenters and performers, or simply for the thrill of the awards ceremony itself, it’s time to gear up for this much-anticipated annual event.

If you’re thinking about hosting an Oscars party this year, this collection of tips and tricks from food bloggers should help you host an award-winning evening for your friends and family.

Sharon of The Honour System suggests creating a score card with “all the categories and nominations printed on it so your guests can pick and choose their winners.” If you want to go all out, come up with a prize for the guest with the best score. Mini Oscar statues, anyone?

“We all know the Academy Awards is a long night,” says Sharon, “so find some fun Oscar/movie/actor trivia online and quiz guests during the boring parts of the award ceremonies or the commercials to keep everyone awake and entertained. Oh, and brew some coffee.”

If you’re trying to plan a family-friendly event, consider asking parents to have kids bring pajamas and sleeping bags. Once the show gets going, kids can start their pajama party with an age-appropriate movie so adults can relax and enjoy the show.

To keep the adult portion of your evening lively, Stefany of Making it with Stefany has some great cocktail tips for you: “Come up with a signature drink for your party, but have some beer or basic spirits around in case your guests has specific tastes.” Hint: Stefany’s Mad Max-inspired Ruby Red Grapefruitcello Liqueur is a winner for your Oscars party this year.

Stephany also notes that, “Adding fresh squeezed fruit always makes any standard cocktail a million times more delicious. And if you have a traditional go-to drink recipe, find a way to spice it up or put a twist on it by using a new, local liquor.”

Alice of Dining with Alice also recommends creating a signature cocktail for your party: “It’s a good way to save money; instead of buying multiple bottles of liquor you just buy the ingredients for one signature drink.” Alice then adds this genius twist: “Set up all the ingredients with recipe information (you can print out the recipe and put in a frame next to bar supplies) and have guests make their own cocktails. This becomes a special activity for guests and gives you more time to enjoy the party.”

Alice offers another party suggestion: “Crock-Pot Slow Cookers are great for cooking easy meals, and I love preparing a potluck dish for an event and using the warm function to keep food hot during the party. I also will put appetizers that I baked, like my Baked Ham Sandwiches  inside the slow cooker to keep warm. I just layer tin foil on the bottom and put the sandwiches inside and the hot and buttery ham sandwiches are always ready to grab.” Be sure to check out Alice’s Revenant-inspired  Crock Pot Ribs for this year’s Oscars party.

For those of us with a sweet tooth, a party just doesn’t feel like a party without that happy ending known as dessert. Jessica of Femme Fraîche suggests serving something that’s quick and easy to throw together. “The last thing you want to do toward the end of a party is slave over ganache or assemble cake layers. Desserts I serve at parties have to pass my whipped cream litmus test! If their assembly, or any other last minute needs, requires more time than it would to whip up some cream, then it isn’t a dessert I’d want to make for guests who are waiting on me in the other room.”  Hint for your party this year: Jessica’s Brooklyn-inspired Chocolate Stout Cannoli passes this test with flying colors.

To help you relax and enjoy the evening, Karen of Savoury Table offers some pre-party planning advice: “I prepare as much food in advance as I can so I am able to visit with my guests instead of spending the whole party in the kitchen. I also take my friends up on their offer to bring something. It makes them feel good, adds variety to the table, and it makes things much easier on me.”

But why wait for people to offer to bring something? Haley of Cheap Recipes Blog suggests a perfect idea for throwing a fabulous party without breaking the bank. “Looking to throw an Oscars party on a budget? Make it a potluck! Have each of your guests bring a dish or drink to share. It’s a win-win for everyone: you will have less to cook, you’ll pay less – and everyone will get to try a variety of dishes.”

Last but not least, serve drinks, appetizers, and desserts inspired by this year’s best picture nominations. Use the creative recipes below or come up with your own. If you plan to have a potluck, challenge your guests to bring food or drink inspired by this year’s movie nominations. If you’re feeling kind, share these ready-to-go ideas your guests.

Roll out the red carpet for these…

Best Picture-Inspired Recipes

veggie tower-31

The Big Short

Jenga Veggie Tower by Flour Arrangements 


Bridge of Spies

Bitesize “TV Dinner” Meatloaf Appetizer by Pickles Travel Blog 



Chocolate Stout Cannoli by Femme Fraîche


Mad Max: Fury Road

Ruby Red Grapefruitcello Liqueur by Making it with Stefany 


The Martian

Homemade Cheddar & Chive Tater Tots by The Honour System 


The Revenant

Crock Pot Ribs by Dining with Alice

victoria sandwich cake


Victoria Sandwich Cake by Savoury Table



Cheesy Boston Clam Dip by Cheap Recipes Blog


If you're thinking about hosting an Oscars party this year, this collection of best picture-inspired recipes -- along with tips and tricks from food bloggers -- should help you host an award-winning evening for your friends and family.

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