Boulevardier Cocktails

Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell


If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of your Thanksgiving feast — whether you’re hosting or not — these Boulevardier Cocktails are just the thing to help take the edge off.

Elizabeth and Brian of Brooklyn Supper share this easy, delightful recipe that will give everyone something to feel thankful about: “A Thanksgiving cocktail should have the dryness of a good aperitif to prime your appetite, pack a little bit of a punch to help you smile politely as your family talk politics, and contain whiskey to remind you of how thankful you are for whiskey.”

Who knew that you could find all three of these critical Thanksgiving necessities in one glass? And with just four ingredients, this recipe is a cinch to mix up and share with the people you love. Cheers!



e-and-b-headshot-2013ABOUT BROOKLYN SUPPER: Brooklyn Supper — the work of Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell — began as a chronicle of favorite seasonal recipes sourced from local producers. While they sometimes share fancy food ideas, mostly, they want to provide simple, straightforward recipes for home cooks at all levels. They hope to help people understand the seasonality of food and how ingredients can change depending on the time of year.

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These Boulevardier Cocktails are perfect for priming your appetite for Thanksgiving dinner AND helping you smile while your family talks politics.