Mulled Wine

Heather Hands


When the weather starts to cool off and the days grow shorter, mulled wine — with its array of spices and comforting warmth — turns any event into a festive occasion.

“It feels like the grown-up version of hot chocolate,” says Heather of Flourishing Foodie. “There’s something so soothing about a simmering pot of mulled wine on the stove, the smell of cinnamon and cloves – it warms my heart.”

Heather’s recipe includes unsweetened apple cider and brandy to blend with the wine and spices. Apples and honey add a bit of sweetness, while fresh oranges and limes impart subtle citrus overtones.

In addition to its fabulous flavor, this drink will fill your house with enticing aromatic goodness. Cheers!




This mulled wine recipe includes apple cider and brandy, fresh apples and honey, along with oranges and limes to impart subtle citrus overtones.

Heather Hands focuses on using fresh local ingredients and cooking recipes that require minimal effort because she loves food in its most natural form. Sometimes she gets really inspired and does something crazy like make homemade bagels or corn tortillas from scratch. And on those days she feels like she can take on the world. Read about her cooking adventures on Flourishing Foodie.