Outside Inspiration for Meals

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Outside Inspiration for Meals

We are Fall people now. Summer is well over, and with it, our frequency to be outside, laid back in short and bare toes. I keep thinking my kids will tire of eating outside, no longer inspired. I keep being surprised by my kids’ boundless attitudes. They champion our outside dinners and spontaneous morning nibbles on the balcony. Every day, they want the practice revived.

I thought we’d stay in after our May, June notably bringing mosquitoes even up to our second-floor veranda, but even into July and August, they asked, they helped, they cheered. We’ve found the moments to dine in fresh air. Maybe we can stretch it longer. We sailed into September, still contending with mosquitoes.

Another dinner of cajoling kids to sit up straight, reminding them to not let food fall from their mouths, and wishing they’d open up more about their day? I’ll tell ya what—eat outside. This is, my dears, and inspired cure-all!



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Outside Inspiration for Meals


photo credit: Girl eating outside on BigStock Photo