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It’s here!  Your 40th birthday!

As confirmation of your old age, Young-Optimistic-You and Bitter-Old-Hag-You are duking it out.

Young Optimistic You:  Happy 40th Birthday to me!  I feel good, I look good, and when it comes right down to it, I’m so happy with my life!

Bitter Old Hag You:  Oh, shut UP!  You are officially O.L.D.

Young Optimistic You:  Am not!  40 is the new 30!

B.O.H.Y.:  If you think that, 40 is the new stupid.  The only way someone is going to think you’re young is if you wandered into the ice cream social at the Senior Center.  Ha!

Y.O.Y.:  Well, just look at Halle, the Three Jennifers (Aniston, Garner and Lopez), Cameron, and Gwyneth Paltrow — all gorgeous women in their 40s and who are sexy, vibrant and brimming with confidence.

B.O.H.Y.:  Excuse me, I think the clue phone is trying to leave you a message.  Those women have a STAFF.  They pay people to look that fierce.

Y.O.Y.:  Ok, well just look at my friend Hodda Theniu, she is 42 and look how amazing she looks.

B.O.H.Y.:  Bless your heart.  More power to you sister.  And please, cut the 70s TV references.  No one knows what the hell you’re talking about.

Is 40 just around the corner?  Or are you already looking back over your shoulder at that milestone?  Here’s a hilarious quiz designed to help you get in touch with your true feelings about the big 4-0!


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