10 Tips from the Granny School of Parenting by Chris Dean

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Granny's Common-Sense Approach to Parenting by Chris Dean

With a flood of parenting articles covering everything from which style is best, at what age to potty train, and whether or not we should beat ourselves up for any real or perceived shortcomings, it’s no wonder new parents often find themselves overwhelmed.

Which is exactly why I’m glad that, instead of drowning in a sea of advice from the internet experts, I had some good old-fashioned common sense passed down from my Mother and her Mother and so on. Maybe it’s time we took a step back and remembered that in the days before online advice, Granny knew best.


Chris DeanABOUT CHRIS: Chris Dean is the wife of an extremely tolerant man, mom of four fairly functional adult-kids, world-class music junkie, and all around nut job! She began writing Life Your Way! as a way to help keep her sanity while going through the diagnostic phase for an autoimmune disease. Chris dealt with this speed-bump the same way she’s always dealt with these things: education and laughter. Her mantra has become, “A life without laughter is a life unlived.” And living is exactly what she makes it her goal to do and hopefully inspire others to do as well!

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