The Ghost of Seuss by Life Your Way!

BonBon Break

The Ghost of Seuss

~:: Life Your Way! ::~

It was the day after Thanksgiving and all through the house

There was plenty of laughter as I hung with my spouse.

His Mother we visited because family is true wealth

And we enjoyed the great company ‘til talk turned to health.

His Uncle had problems, the cause still unknown

And the more I thought about it, my temper began to blow.

With all the medical knowledge why do mysteries still exist?

Then I began to dream of the World’s greatest fix!

A place people could go with good Doctors all around

And friends for support and healing abounds!

ABOUT CHRIS: Chris Dean is the wife of an extremely tolerant man, Mom of four fairly functional adult-kids, world-class music junkie, and all around nut job! She began writing Life Your Way! as a way to help keep her sanity while going through the diagnostic phase for an autoimmune disease.

Chris dealt with this speed-bump the same way she’s always dealt with these things, education and laughter. Her mantra has become, “A life without laughter is a life unlived.” And living is exactly what she makes it her goal to do and hopefully inspire others to do as well!

When she’s not writing, you can find Chris on Twitter and Facebook.