15 Memories of a Girl Who Danced in the 80s by Mom’s New Stage

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15 Memories of a Girl Who Danced in the 80s

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15 Memories of a Girl Who Danced in the 80s by Mom's New Stage

I am going to admit my age.  It rhymes with “shorty.”  And because I am this age, and the mother of two small children very close in age, I feel my youth slipping out of my grasp like a greased piglet at the county fair.

So pardon me if I mix up some references here, but these days I feel like taking out my boombox and singing “Missing You” to the 80s. In particular, dance in the 80s. It was everywhere — in videos, on TV, in movies and on Broadway.  It was how we dressed. The 80s are so special for dancers my age, because it’s when we realized our true passion.  In the thick of our training, we were inspired by everything dance related we saw.

Our memories of dance in the 80s are so important, so visceral, because it was then that our souls changed; when we realized we had found the art form that would always be the love of our life.

ABOUT KEESHA:  Keesha Beckford is a former professional dancer who is currently a master dance teacher in the Chicago area. She blogs to keep her creative juices flowing, and to explore the question “How does she do it?” for herself and other moms in the arts. Read more at Mom’s New Stage.

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