Bedroom September 10 2012

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WHAT I KNOW ABOUT SEX NOW THAT I’M IN MY 40s ::: The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

Here’s what I know about sex now that I’m 47:

If you gain weight some of it will go to your breasts.

Hello, Ladies!

Don’t worry about your orgasms. People get very competitive about their orgasms as if they were climbing Mount Everest. Did you summit, or did you only make it to base camp? Did you need an oxygen tank, the ministrations of a sherpa? Did you use grappling hooks, Cyborg crampons? Or were you able to summit barefoot reading Holy Sanskrits in Nirvanic Bliss?



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Photo of Amy Marshall by Lois Greenfield, with clothing courtesy of Norma Kamali.

In dance years I am approximately 107. It means that with all my responsibilities, I rarely get to take class. If I do, I need a careful warm-up beforehand to avoid injury. A strenuous combination might leave me longing for the paramedics. As painful both physically and emotionally as this may be, I have a new perspective on the art form that has defined my life. Finally, I think I have mastered the dance lessons I’ve been studying since I was a child; I have found balance. This little piece is for dancers everywhere, whether they dance on stage, in a studio, or with joy and abandon in the comfort of their own living room.

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About Keesha:  Keesha Beckford is a former professional dancer who is currently a master dance teacher in the Chicago area. She blogs to keep her creative juices flowing, and to explore the question “How does she do it?” for herself and other moms in the arts. Read more at Mom’s New Stage.

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The online world of motherhood is one that is filled with caring, nurturing and support from your fellow mamas….most of the time. Occasionally, when a controversial topic arises, we all bare witness to a fury of comment attacks that moms tend to toss at one another. This post was my opinion regarding the mother-on-mother judgment wars that take place for the whole world to see.

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