Paper Airplanes by Train Up a Child

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Paper Airplanes

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Paper Airplanes by Train Up a Child

My boys love paper airplanes.  If they see a piece of paper they ask for an airplane.  As a homeschooling mom I do my best to turn to their interests for our studies.  For a hands on math and science lesson we did some simple flight tests and experiments with paper airplanes.  These experiments kept my five and three year olds engaged and learning at the same time, which is not a small achievement!  My three year old even came up with an idea for a flight test of his own.  The best part about these experiments is that they don’t require any prep time.  Just grab a few common household supplies and head outside for some flights!

911d20e8ABOUT ALLISON: Allison is a homeschooling mama of four boys.  Her education is in early childhood development.  Before becoming a mother she was a nanny for ten years.  She believes children learn best through hands on experiences and loves watching her boys explore the world around them.  Stay in touch with Train Up a Child via FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Pinterest.


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