Rainbow Ice Salt Science Experiment

Nicolette Roux

Spring may have sprung, at least according to the calendar, but it’s very likely that you may still be freezing and surrounded by ice and snow. That’s what my Instagram feed is telling me the majority of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing anyhow. Getting in the mood for Spring and St. Patrick’s Day when all you see is white can be a little difficult. However, what if you could combine some beautiful rainbow colours with that ice and snow and get artistic and experiment – turn the white into a rainbow of colours.

Follow the simple instructions using ingredients from your kitchen cupboard to mix up your own rainbow salts and then use them to create beautiful art whilst being a scientist in the ice and snow – let your children discover what happens when you mix ice and salt and then ask them to draw their own conclusions about where it could be used during winter. No worries if you don’t have ice and snow (we don’t get a single flake) then freeze up an ice block and mix up the rainbow salts to get vibrant and beautiful colours – check out how to get a purple as that’s hard to achieve and then create and experiment to produce gorgeous rainbow colours and effects.





Rainbow Ice Salt Science Experiment

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Nicolette is SAHM to 4 little ones age 5 and under. She loves to share simple and easy crafts & activities, printables and learning ideas for 0-5 year olds! Author of: Rice Play and 99 Fine Motor ideasfor Ages 1-5.