Spring Lamb Craft

Emma Smith

Spring is starting to show its face and we’re gearing up our first visit of the year to the farm to meet this years lambs, piglets and chicks. In anticipation of the visit and the seasons changing we are busy getting crafty and finding activities to welcome and embrace Spring. Of the symbols of Spring that you could use for inspiration Lambs are one of the most iconic at least in the UK where as soon as you are out in the countryside the fields are filled with little white clouds running and jumping around. Using simple materials from around the home you can create a lamb face mask.

With a base of a paper plate and using cotton balls, you have an easy to make lamb mask that kids can use for Spring dress up and play. What’s more come Christmas (yes I did actually write Christmas at the start of Spring) you will have all the skills to make one when your little one ends up as the Lamb in the Nativity play.




sheep and lamb masks

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Emma is a teacher and early years specialist. After her youngest son was born deaf she moved away from full time teaching to be a WSAHM which she loves. She’s enjoyed developing skills in Sign Language and Cued Speech and inspired every day by her three children she writes at award winning blog My Little 3 and Me where she adores sharing crafts and activities to promote children’s communication and creativity. Having recently shaken off her city roots and moved to an old countryside cottage you’ll find her enjoying her spare time developing DIY skills she never dreamed of and engaging in an eternal battle with the weeds.