8 Immature Games That Help You Connect With Your Children

Brian Ricks

Okay… I know that we are supposed to be the adults. We are supposed to be dignified and set the example… SOMETIMES!

Games help us connect to our children because that is how they connect to each other.

Let’s face it, sometimes our children need us to get down and play with them at their level. We need to let our hair down and just play with them.

Let’s get them to laugh. I mean that deep down, belly laugh that leaves your stomach muscles feeling like they have been doing crunches all day! That is the kind of fun we need to have every now and then.

Forget the learning. Forget the study. Forget the work.


Here are my suggestions:


You need three or more people for this game. You have to have at one referee and then the rest will compete against each other.

The game is just like the game you play on a basketball court. One person shoots and the next person has to make the same shot. If they miss the shot then they are “H” and the game continues until someone is “H-O-R-S-E” and that person has lost.

In this game, the first person is going to make a funny face. The next person tries to make the same funny face. The referee decides if the second person matched the face or not. If not… then “H”.

Now it is the second person’s turn to make a funny face and the first has to try to match it. Continue until someone is “H-O-R-S-E”.


This is simple. Make mashed potatoes and then let your children sculpt whatever they want. You can include things like olives, small pickles, carrots, etc.


Cut your oranges into wedges. Separate the orange and the peel. Eat the orange. Trim the ends off of the peel and notch the peel from the bottom. Do not go all the way to the top. Leave 1/8″ at the top so that the peel stays in one piece.

Put the peel in your mouth with the white side facing out. Then give everyone you see a big smile.


This is way fun, because it becomes a great prank. It is going to get people’s heart really beating. It is a great way to make sure that the lungs are working.

All you need is

  • full bottle of Elmer’s Glue (white)
  • brown acrylic paint
  • clear plastic cup
  • 2 plastic spoons
  • wax paper

Fill the plastic cup 1/2 way with the glue and then mix in the brown acrylic paint (3 drops or so is good). You get to decide how brown the glue needs to be. Make sure you mix it well so that you don’t have any white glue left.

Now, set the cup towards an edge of the wax paper and turn the cup on its side.

THIS PART IS REALLY IMPORTANT: The spilled glue needs to stay on the wax paper.

Now just let the glue dry. It may take longer than you think depending on where you live. Once it is COMPLETELY dry, you can peel off the wax paper. Now you can set it on something that someone else really loves and does not want stained. Get a camera ready, because it is going to be funny!!!! I know… I am cruel, but you are just as excited as I was!


Let your children make a sock puppet with some eyes and maybe a tongue. They can decorate it however they want.

Now, all you need is two cell phones. One of them has to have the speaker function. Call the phone with the speaker function, turn on the speaker function, and then place the speaker-phone in the sock.

You will go into another room where nobody will be able to hear you talk. Now the child with sock puppet can talk to the sock and you will be able to answer.



This game takes two people. First person holds their two index fingers out balancing a pencil on them. The second person is going to try to break the pencil with a pencil karate chop.

To perform the pencil karate chop, hold the bottom of the pencil firmly and pull back on the top of the pencil. Let the top go and WHACK!!!

If the pencil does not break, then it is the second person’s turn to try and break the first person’s pencil. Good luck!


I think everyone has played this game, but have you ever played it with your children. It will not take long and you will both be laughing out loud as you try to slap each other’s hands.

To play, hold your hands out with palms down. Your child places their hands under yours with their palms up. The purpose of the game is to slap the top of the other person’s hands before they move them. If you get either of the hands (or both) then you get to go again. If you miss, then trade and let the other person try to hit your hands.

First one to 15 wins.


You can play this game with as many people as you want. Have everyone lie on their backs in a circle with their heads to the center.

Take a sock (preferably a clean one, although a really stinky sock would make it more interesting) and roll it into a ball. The first person gets to go first. The purpose of the game is to try and throw the sock up in the air and have it come down on someone else’s nose.

You get one try and then the person to the right gets a turn. The first person that gets to 10 wins!

Good luck!



This post was syndicated with permission to BonBon Break Media, LLC.

I was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho where I met my wife, Jessica. We have 6 children. As a family we love to be outdoors--especially camping in the summer. I have a PhD in Educational Leadership and I have taught religious education to high school students for the past 13 years. My wife and I homeschool 5 of our children and we love finding creative ways to engage our children in the learning process. In 2014, I started a podcast for homeschooling parents. I use to podcast to give teaching tips, motivational insights, and help homeschooling parents feel a sense of community. As we have homeschooled our children we have learned that a key to successful home education is a solid sense of trust between us and our children. The result has been a focus in our website and podcast on how parents can establish and repair relationships of trust with their children through the homeschooling process.