Squirty Chalk

Crystal Underwood

As the weather warms up, for some reason, the money that I spend on art supplies goes up – especially sidewalk chalks and paints. The kids love getting outside and getting arty, but when chalk is left out and the heavens open during a creative session, they get ruined and are rendered unusable. Finding ways to save money as well as provide the kids to encourage creativity everyday are ideal and this simple recipe of squirty chalks is perfect.

Using ingredients from your kitchen cupboard and condiment bottles, you can quickly mix these up. Provide the kids with the bottles and watch them get creative. When they have designed their masterpieces, a special little ingredient will help erase the chalk pictures and cause a little excitement as well. When I tried these I switched out the food colouring for some liquid water colours and they worked just as well.




squirty chalk recipe

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Crystal Underwood is the writer and creator of Growing A Jeweled Rose. She has worked with children extensively and strongly believes in the importance of play at the core of early learning. Crystal is currently staying home with her two small children and strives to make the most of her time with them by providing fun and enriching activities. She is passionate about the early years and believes that childhood should be a truly magical time in life.