Tablecloths, Advent Calendars, Leaf Art & Wrapping Paper

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A Thanksgiving Family Tradition Tablecloth

~:: From Glitter to Gumdrops ::~

I’ve known Mary for years, but I didn’t know about this until last year when we were crafting together, and she brought this beauty out to embroider. She can’t remember where she found this idea, because it is 34 years old.

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Pottery Barn for Kids Knockoff Advent Calendar

~:: While Wearing Heels ::~

The days leading up to Christmas can be an exciting time. Make counting down those days even more special by creating your own advent calendar.

This detailed tutorial, inspired by The Pottery Barn for Kids advent calendar, gives you 25 free patterns for each pocket and instruction on how to put it all together. The patterns mainly involve cutting out felt and gluing so it’s easy enough, you can even get the kids involved. Use the patterns as inspiration or create your own pocket(s) that hold special meaning for your family. The possibilities are endless.




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Paper Punching Leaves

~:: Grow Creative ::~

Put your paper punches to good use with something other than paper. Punch out fun shapes from brightly colored fall leaves to create unique shapes with unique textures.

ABOUT ELISE: Elise Engh is an artist turned crafter who started her blog, Grow Creative , in 2010 in hopes of documenting her own creative growth and encouraging others in cultivating their own creativity. She is a mother of one rambunctious four-year-old and loves to crochet, paint, take photos, decorate her home on a budget, and experiment with all forms of art.

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Hand-stamped wrapping paper

~:: Swoon ::~

There’s something special about a perfectly wrapped gift, isn’t there? It’s the cherry on top of the gift itself. I ran out of pretty gift wrap the other day and decided to improvise by making my own. You’d be surprised at what you can do with a few items you probably already have a home. Click over to Swoon to find out how to make your own hand-stamped wrapping paper, just in time for the Holiday rush!





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