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Plant Your Spring Garden…Now? (yes)

~:: Donuts, Dresses and Dirt ::~

By this time of year most of us (especially in the Northeast – ESPECIALLY in light of recent weather-related events) are winding things down in the garden. Outdoor chores are limited to raking leaves, covering up the patio furniture and hanging an autumnal wreath on the door.

You probably wouldn’t think of planting a perennial garden in the fall, but it’s actually the ideal time – especially if you’re planning a new bed…..





ABOUT SHERI:  Hello! I’m Sheri Silver – I’m a mom of 3 – ages 21, 16 and 3 (yes, you read correctly!). I own my own landscape design firm  and write the blog Donuts, Dresses and Dirt. While there is much gardening content on my blog, it is also the place where I give voice to my other passions – cooking and baking, parenting, and my adventures in and around NYC with my 3 amazing kids!

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And then there were 3: Road bumps in the life of an outdoor family

~:: Outside Mom ::~

I was recently asked the question:

What would you have to say to an outdoor adventurer who is feeling uncertain about starting a family because it may compromise their adventurous lifestyle?

This question came at an awkward time. Our family’s been through a lot in the past year. A hard pregnancy, a new baby, dealing with postpartum anxiety, moving out of state, kids adjusting to a new life, husband starting a new job, my son wanting to become his own person…

Needless to say our adventurous lifestyle hit a bit of a road bump. Kids change everything. But isn’t that the point?

ABOUT LINDSEY: Lindsey is an environmental educator, her husband’s a biologist. The outdoors seem to be infused into everything they do! She blogs at, a blog for parents dedicated to taking full advantage of the experiences the natural world has to offer their family. When she’s not blogging (or pregnant), she can be found relaxing at Lake Tahoe, biking the Sierras before dawn or making a serious batch of mud pies with her boys.

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Sunday Walk

~:: Owl & Twine ::~

It was just a walk -30minutes- near our home and before the sun set. It was everything to me.

 ABOUT KATIE: Katie is a lover of words and photographs, espresso, and most things outdoors. She blogs regularly at Owl and Twine, where she is the keeper of stories – her family’s and her own. When she’s not writing about or photographing her own family, she can be found capturing everyday moments for others in the Denver area.
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Hiking at Valley of Fire with Kids

~:: Wandering Off ::~

About a year ago, not long after we moved to Las Vegas, we visited Valley of Fire for the first time. To my flyover-country eyes, it reminded me of Mars: red rocks in dramatic shapes and not a tree in sight.

We have gone back to Valley of Fire a few times since that first experience, and it is still just as amazing now as it was then. But on our most recent visit, we deviated from our usual route and explored some areas of the park that were new to us. Come along as I guide you through the best, most beautiful areas of Valley of Fire State Park.

ABOUT SARAH: Sarah Vernetti is a freelance writer and travel blogger living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She first fell in love with travel as a college student thanks to a study abroad program in Italy and Germany. Since then, Sarah’s travels have taken her to Asia, the Caribbean, and across the U.S. One of her goals is to eventually visit all 50 U.S. states. (She’s over halfway there!)

In her free time, Sarah loves nothing more than spending time outdoors with her husband and daughter. You can follow along on her travels by visiting her blog, Wandering Off, or you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.