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What Fred Rogers Taught Me: 3 Clues to an Effective Socio-Emotional Show – Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood ::: Angela Santomero

My newest baby (project) is a cute, little tiger named Daniel. My passion is to create quality shows for kids which are drenched in the very best preschool curriculum. Mister Rogers Neighborhood was a pinnacle of quality and set a standard for what children’s television needs to be.

But a new show based on his curriculum? What would that be like? I started with the three clues that Fred taught me and wrote the first show from there:

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About Angela: Angela has been changing the way children watch TV for over 15 years. She is a Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer of Out of the Blue Enterprises LLC, overseeing all creative development with the vision to bring educational entertainment to a whole new level.

Angela Santomero is the Lead Creator, Executive Producer and Head Writer for Nick Jr.’s landmark preschool show Blue’s Clues. Malcolm Gladwell referred to it as “One of the stickiest TV shows EVER made” in his book, The Tipping Point. Her ability to integrate education, entertainment & active participation helped make Blue’s Clues a breakthrough program. Currently, Angela is the Creator, Executive Producer & Head Writer of the emmy-nominated and #1 ranked preschool show, Super Why!, which helps build literacy skills through fractured fairytales & interactive games. She is unveiling her latest, (the Mister Rogers’ spin off) Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood this week. She presently hosts PBS’ The Parent Show at

Angela is a Peabody Award Winner for Outstanding Children’s Programming, a Gold & Silver Parents Choice Awards recipient & has been nominated for over 35 Emmy Awards. Her blog,, approaches Parenting from her vantage point as a successful childrens’ media creator, to assist parents with the most important job of all!

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Dollhouses. There is something so charming about them…that is, until a 50 pound box, the size and shape of a large picture frame arrives at your door with a 12 page instructional booklet enclosed to guide you through the constructing of that charming dollhouse.

The instructions guided you through the laborious process of applying each individual shaker shingle and each individual piece of siding. The instructions, however, provided no guidance into turning the inside of your dollhouse into a home.

With a little imagination and some balsa wood, the inside of this dollhouse was transformed into a home filled with details such as crown moldings, baseboard trim and decorative paneling. My favorite room, the nursery, is an exact replica of the room we brought our daughter home to. The memories of her first room will live with her forever, in miniature form, in what turned out to be a charming dollhouse.

Want to take a peek? Come on in and take a look around.

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About Amy: Amy, from While Wearing Heels, suffers from a severe form of Crafter Attention Deficit Disorder SO does her blog. She finds herself doing a lot of tutorials. What sort of a tutorial really depends on the week (crafts, hair, home decor, how to extract a bento box cup from your dog after she has eaten one). She likes to share things she thinks are interesting or helpful and hopes to get that across with a few laughs thrown in. Join the good times and ideas with Amy on Pinterest or Facebook.


how to find free picture books on kindle for kidsDo you love downloading free eBooks for the kids, but never know quite where to find them or which ones are worth your time? Each day new picture books and novels for kids are available for free for a short period of time and can be downloaded on almost any type of reader or tablet through the free Kindle app. By popular demand, I started posting daily (M-F) lists of my favorite free kids’ books (and I actually read many of them and tell you what I think). Want to know more? Read all about my free kids’ eBook lists here.

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About Bethany:

Bethany started No Twiddle Twaddle in January 2012, to create a kid lit and play blog that combines love for great literature with a down to earth perspective of a mom with small children. When she’s not writing (or folding the never ending stack of laundry), you might find her killing dragons in the backyard, joining a mission to Mars, or if lucky curled up on the couch reading to her kids.

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WHAT TO DO WITH SAMUEL? ::: No One Has More Fun Than the Adams

There is something very nice about being able to put a baby down and know that they are safe and sound, especially when you have older children and they need your full attention. What do you do when the youngest member in the family is too old to be confined? Turn your head for a minute and you may find your toddler standing on the dining room table like Samuel.


Being a home-schooling family, Breanna had to come up with engaging activities to keep her youngest happy, safe and occupied while teaching her older children their studies. What do do with Samuel? Discover the clever games this mom created to keep a little boy occupied enough to forget about climbing the furniture!

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About Breanna: An Army wife of an amazing man who is such a blessing to me & homeschooling Mama of 4 beautiful gifts from God. I love all things crafty and creative, and this is my place to share with our family & friends a glimpse of all the fun we Adams’ are having!

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